Friday, October 1, 2010

More Bad News about Suicides of Gay Youth

Just now reading this at Huffington Post: "Raymond Chase Commits Suicide, Fifthy Gay Youth to Take Life in Three Weeks."  Raymond Chase was 19, and a student at Johnson and Wales.

Meanwhile, I'm also reading at Box Turtle Bulletin and Americablog Gay that Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, has released a statement about the spate of suicides in recent weeks of youths believed to be gay   Duncan calls on all of us to take responsibility to act, to make the world safer for youth dealing with issues of sexual orientation.  

And as John Aravosis says at Americablog Gay,

Had the Obama administration been our fierce advocate on our top issues, had they repealed DADT, signed ENDA into law, and repealed DOMA - hell, had they done even one of those things - I think people might look at this statement from the Secretary of Education as historic.

But it's not historic, because it's all we're going to get as our young people keep killing themselves: Words.

Want to show you care? Do something.

And I agree.  It is horrific that this situation is unfolding after a federal administration that promised progressive change for gay citizens has been in office for some two years now.  And has done almost nothing to fulfill those promises.

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