Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dispatch from the Front: But Benedict Remained Silent


For years, Jörg D. was plagued by feelings of shame, insecurity and rage. Finally, on Sept. 17, 2009, he sent the pope a four-page letter describing his plight. "I beg you for help, in whatever form possible," he wrote.

But Benedict XVI remained silent. To this day, Jörg D., now 25, has not received a response, "not even a two-liner, nothing, nothing at all."

I understand that popes and bishops are busy folks.  I understand that they must get a lot of mail.

But they're pastors, for Christ's sake?  Aren't they?

How is it possible to receive a letter like this and not respond?  At all.

"I beg you for help, in whatever form possible."  How is it possible to hear such anguish, caused by ministers in a church of which you're the chief pastor, and just . . . remain silent?  Not a form letter.  Not a thank you, but I can't do anything.  Not an I-feel-your pain.


How is it possible for a church whose chief pastor is capable of this to continue talking about love, compassion, and justice?  And how is it possible for Catholics to remain silent as all this goes on?