Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Dispatch from the Front: Speaking of Singing (Nuns)


Ken Briggs at National Catholic Reporter on Mother Mary Clare Millea's attempt to soft-sell the Vatican's current (hard and dirty) investigation of American nuns (which is all about $$$--about assuring that as communities of nuns dwindle in numbers and eventually may have to close shop, the bishops and Rome have clear title to their considerable property):
Mother Millea almost makes it sound as if the lucky few communities are about to get a call from the Welcome Wagon made up of cheerful agents more like singing nuns than strict superiors. It'll be more like a carefree summer picnic. All they really want to do, she says, is to gather the inspiring stories of the exemplary sisters who live there.

What could be wrong with that?
 Yes, what could be wrong with that, indeed?