Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Roman Polanski to Benedict: Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. the Howling of the Pack

When I read Bernard-Henri Lévy’s defense of Pope Benedict XVI at Huffington Post several days ago, I wondered how soon it would be before various Catholic media sites would pick this article up, and use it to suggest that Benedict has been unfairly treated by the media.

So I’m interested to see now that Zenit (“the world seen from Rome”) news agency has now picked up the story, and is noting that Lévy claims that the Western mainstream media have a bias against Benedict and are guilty of spreading disinformation about him.

Unfortunately, Zenit doesn’t note that the last misinterpreted figure Lévy defended passionately against the charge of media bias and misrepresentation was Roman Polanski.  This was after Polanski was arrested last year on charges that he had raped a 13-year old girl in the 1970s (and see here).  Following Polanski’s arrest, Lévy published an impassioned series of articles offering HuffPo readers a “different ‘voice'” re: the Polanski affair, “one that contrasts with the howling of the pack.”

Just as he’s now doing with the pope . . . .

Given his recent defense of Polanski after his arrest for sexual abuse of a minor, one would think that defenders of Benedict might be slow to jump on Lévy’s defense of Benedict.