Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hallelujah, More Work

And on the religion front: Rocco Palmo has a bit of fun today parsing the election results to look at their significance for the American Catholic community and the bishops who exhibited "unprecedented episcopal boldness" (Palmo's phrase) in this election by condemning Mr. Obama
( As he notes,

For no shortage of churchfolk, the "nightmare" scenario has come to pass: the Vice President-elect of the United States... a Democrat... the first Catholic to hold the post... come January, a heartbeat away from the Oval Office...

...all while getting called out by his pastors -- and, in a handful of locales, barred from the Eucharist.

Oh, and he got reelected to the Senate, to boot. . . .

And (Palmo reminds us), only five days remain now until the bishops convene in Baltimore . . . .

Rocco Palmo aptly entitles his posting analyzing the election statistics “Scenes from a Repudiation"--a repudiation, because the election results provide incontrovertible evidence that a multitude of American Catholics have chosen to avoid many bishops' warning that we endanger our immortal souls by voting Democratic. Some tidbits:

"Scranton diocese's [presided over by Bishop Joseph Martino] main hub of Lackawanna County broke nearly 2-to-1 for the Democratic ticket, its second-largest population center veering blue by a 54-45 margin, or close to 10,000 votes."

"Colorado [where Archbishop Charles Chaput holds sway]... Presidential Blue... by 8 points."

"Most Catholic state in the union, per capita [Rhode Island]? Obama-Biden, 2-to-1."

"The breakdown -- well, the numerical one -- could go on... and on... and on... but the message is probably clear enough." Indeed. The crozier shaking of prelates such as Chaput and Martino did not work this time around.

Meanwhile, across the world, our Catholic cousins in Australia are having a bit of fun at the expense of said bishops on the lively Catholica Australia blog. As one blogger there notes, the Commonweal blog noted last evening,

Networks call Ohio for Obama. Game over. I never thought I would see this day. I guess (if certain Bishops are right) hell is going to be a little more crowded, but the company there will be good (

To which a Catholica Australia blogger responds

Mainly bishops. Think of all the solemn High Masses in Latin they will have each day. Maybe the lace isn't fire proof, but the incense will be easy to light (

The bishops appear to have their work cut out for them, come Baltimore.