Sunday, November 30, 2008

At Week's End

As this week ends, I need to acknowledge and give thanks to two bloggers who have recently linked to this Bigrimage blog.

One of these is Mattheus Mei of Leonardo's Notebook blog. I've added a link to Leonardo's Notebook to Bilgrimage. This is a blog new to me, but one that I have been visiting with a great deal of interest--crisp writing, a nicely eccentric slant on news that other bloggers overlook: in short, my kind of blog.

I also want to express profound gratitude to Sapphocrat at Lavender Newswire for recommending Bilgrimage as bookmarkable in a recent posting. This is another blog I intend to add to my list of recommended blogs. Just hope I can live up to the recommendations . . . .

I also can't let the week end without recommending a posting of my friend Colleen Baker at her Enlightened Catholicism blog earlier this week. Colleen imagines a Catholic church in which John Paul I had been permitted to remain pope longer than the brief time he had in that office:

I learned quite a bit from this posting, particularly about John Paul I's inclusive, affirming view regarding gay human beings. The aborted papacy of John Paul I was a tragedy for gay people around the world. Colleen is right to ask what might have been had he, and not John Paul II and Ratzinger, dominated the institutional life of Catholicism in the latter decades of the 20th century.