Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Nonsense Is Over


I guess we've been told.

Steve Schmidt, senior campaign adviser to John McCain,informed the media today that there will be no further statements from the McCain campaign about the vetting process for Sarah Palin (

Schmidt's written press release states, "This nonsense is over."

And here, silly me, I had been under the impression it had just started.


Amanda said...

Have you seen this? I just read this on CNN:

"She ... reduced spending on the town museum while opposing a bigger library. She also was mayor when the local sales tax was increased to build a popular sports complex."

Why waste money on libraries when we can have bigger sports!?!? Yeah.

William D. Lindsey said...

Raises some real questions about values, doesn't it, Amanda? Of course, she's being profiled now as a "hockey mom," so maybe books are a lower priority than hockey sticks--especially when there are indicators she leaned on the library in her town to censor books.

Amanda said...

A hockey mom? Give me a break. I'm sorry but with a career that big you just don't have time.

William D. Lindsey said...

Curioser and curioser, isn't it, the more we learn about Sarah Palin?

I had never heard of hockey moms before. The term in my neck of the woods is soccer moms. But, admittedly, I don't live in an area where hockey is even a possibility.

What's mind boggling is, as you point out, that some mothers who previously have been stout defenders of stay-at-home motherhood are now leaping to her defense. It's a variation of the getting-pregnant-before-marriage = family values argument!

In the world of neoconservatism,up is down, right is wrong, false is true, and bad is good. It would take a Lewis Carroll to do justice to the madcap irony of so much we're now being told about the reason this candidate just fits the bill for our nation.