Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Alert: Approach of Ike

As the day goes on, it occurs to me that the arrival of Hurricane Ike in Texas (assuming Ike follows his current trajectory) may disrupt my internet service.

Hard to know what might happen in the next several days. I am intently concerned about an uncle of mine (my father's sister's husband), who's 88 and in a care facility in Houston. It's supposedly hurricane-proof, but if the storm comes as close to Houston as expected, I think conditions for elderly folks could be difficult.

I've been talking to and exchanging emails with his son, my cousin Ben, who intends to ride the storm out in his house, and is working today to make it as safe as possible. Though I'd like them to come here (or to the houses of our various other cousins who live along the route), travel is not easy for my uncle.

I'm also waiting word from other relatives who packed and began the drive north earlier today, and who will either stay with their son in Ft. Worth or with us. They had not yet cleaned up from Gustav, and had significant damage a few years ago from Rita.

A former student in New Orleans emailed when Gustav was coming in, saying he would like to come and stay, if his family didn't go to relatives in the Mississippi Delta. They eventually chose the latter option.

Steve and I have begun to see that our house might end up being shelter for friends and relatives south of us, in Louisiana and Texas, if storms continue to be more numerous and intense than they were in previous years.

If this blog has no postings suddenly for a few days, Ike will be the reason.