Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Apologize for the Interruption . . . .

Dear Readers,

As the old t.v. announcement used to say when there were technical difficulties, I apologize for the temporary interruption. I am having inexplicable new problems with posting my messages today.

Once those are resolved (I hope), I will resume posting as usual. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if this message makes it through.

Hmm. I wonder if this sudden new problem has any connection to the sudden listing of some of my postings on a porn site--something I discovered by googling the blog name yesterday? I do so very much appreciate the dissemination of my postings, but would welcome attention from people who are genuinely trying to assist with spreading the message--not impeding it.

On the other hand, if people think that what I have to say on the blog is worth trying to block, then perhaps the message is getting through?

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