Wednesday, June 4, 2008

P.S. Thanks to Fellow Pilgrims*

I want to take a moment to issue a note of thanks to e-friends and other blogs that have linked to my blog in recent days.

Among e-friends who do so on a regular basis are Colleen Baker of "Enlightened Catholicism" and John Masters of "Deep Something," both of whose blogs are linked to my friends' section. I am also very grateful for the link on the blog of an Irish priest, Sotto Voce, at "Clerical Whispers."

In recent days, I have noticed traffic, as well, from two United Methodist blogs, "UMNexus" and "7Villages." I'm grateful to UMNexus for having linked to several of my previous postings.

The links not only bring me traffic: they encourage me to remember that we are engaged in important discussions on blogs that probe the connections of spirituality to social justice, and that these are worldwide discussions of interest to many people. That encouragement in turn keeps me writing (and thinking and praying)!

*See disclaimer in the immediately preceding blog posting.

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