Monday, July 15, 2013

New York Times on Trayvon Martin's Legacy: The Ease with Which Florida Gives Back Zimmerman's Gun

The New York Times today on Trayvon Martin's legacy:

In the end, what is most frightening is that there are so many people with guns who are like George Zimmerman. Fear and racism may never be fully eliminated by legislative or judicial order, but neither should our laws allow and even facilitate their most deadly expression. Trayvon Martin was an unarmed boy walking home from the convenience store. If only Florida could give him back his life as easily as it is giving back George Zimmerman’s gun.

The editorial is correct. There's no other way to view the outcome of this horrific case, and retain a moral compass. One person held a gun in this story. The other, a unarmed teen walking home from a convenience store, had no weapon. 

And none of the hot rhetoric about self-defense and about the unarmed teenager as the aggressor is going to change those facts, or restore the teen's life to him. While the gun is being placed back into the hands of the man who shot the unarmed teen . . . .

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