Sunday, July 21, 2013

Faithful America Petition: "Tell Roman Catholic Cardinal: Don't Offer Your Blessing to Ex-Gay Therapy"

On Thursday, I blogged about the decision of Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, the past president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to celebrate Mass at the annual convention of the group Courage, though the group's program will be featuring speakers from the "ex-gay" group NARTH. As I noted, Sister Maureen Fiedler is asking Cardinal George to dissociate himself from the bogus and harmful medical claims of NARTH that it can "cure" homosexuality, and she proposes that he cancel his plans to celebrate Mass for Courage as long as NARTH is part of the program.

And now Faithful America gives you a chance to make your voice heard about these matters. Faithful America has placed a petition online addressing the cardinal: "Cardinal George, please cancel your plans to appear and celebrate Mass at the Courage Conference. The bogus "ex-gay therapy" being promoted there has caused too much harm and cost too many lives."

The graphic is from an article by Wayne Besen at the Truth Wins Out website.

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