Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From the Blogs (Proving You Can't Shut Catholics Up)

Colleen Baker at Enlightened Catholicism on the threat of Bishop Robert Morlino to place St. Mary's parish in Platteville, Wisconsin, under a medieval "interdict" if parishioners keep rebelling against him:

Operative words are "and myself."

Terry Weldon at Queering the Church on the resignation of Fr. Gerhard Swierzek from his parish after the parish elected a gay man in a partnered relationship to its parish council: Swierzek announced he couldn't work with someone living in sin.  And now it comes out that . . . well, read Terry's posting, which wryly notes,

It seems though, that he has fewer scruples about adhering to Church teaching in the matter of his own (hetero) sexual activities.

And speaking of wry: Thom Curnutte at Faith in the 21st Century on Pope Benedict's solicitude for those maimed by reckless drivers: 

"Driving carefully and with a sense of responsibility." I wish that more people thought and acted accordingly.

Claire Bangasser at A Seat at the Table on the Vatican's curious fear of sisterly love:

Today's equivalent to the fear of Marxism is the fear of feminism . . . . 

Sidney Callahan at "In All Things" (America magazine) on the Vatican's curious definition of feminism:

Only pagans and heretics insist that God possesses gender, so something seems askew and inconsistent in present rulings. 

Daisy at Fur-licity with cano-theological wisdom on the damage fear does to us:

Being afraid can lead to all sorts of destructive behaviour. 

And don't miss the fine series of postings for days now by Contemplative Catholic about the story of the Vatican's bullying of priests in Ireland, and this picture worth a thousand words that Michael Bayly has just posted at his Wild Reed site.

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