Friday, May 11, 2012

Chaput Cleaned up the Legionaries, but He Didn't Clean Them up? Please Explain.

Maybe someone can 'splain this to me like I'm a two-year old:

1. After years of knowing the truth, the Vatican finally admits there's a serious problem with the Legionaires of Christ, which was founded by a drug-addicted priest, Marcial Maciel, with a long and proven record of sexually molesting seminarians, who fathered several children out of wedlock by several women, supporting them secretly with funds of his community, and who greased the palms of Curial officials with $$$ to keep from being investigated or punished.

2. The Vatican then appoints the redoubtable archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver to do a worldwide investigation of the Legionaries.

3. The Legionaries get "cleaned up," disciplined, set to rights.

4. Chaput is then rewarded for this (inter alia) by being sent to the prestigious see of Philadelphia, where another--and not dissimilar--situation needs cleaning up.

5. From the time he arrives in Philadelphia, the magic word in the media is, Chaput cleans things up!

6. But now we read that the situation with the Legionaries never was cleaned up.  That the corruption goes deeper by far than Maciel alone.  That it continues.

7. So if Chaput "cleaned up" the Legionaries, but they never were really cleaned up, and if he's now "cleaning up" Philadelphia, what does this breaking news mean about the Philadelphia situation?

8. And about Rome's intent in sending Chaupt to Philadelphia as the man who cleans things up?

9. And about the role of the media in continuing a patently false meme about who Chaput is and what he really does?

10. Can someone explain all of this to me in a way that helps me to understand?  Please?

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