Friday, December 2, 2022

Lawrence O'Donnell on Kanye West: "Vile, Deep, Relentless Hatred of Jewish People and Public Praise of Adolph Hitler — Who Donald Trump Was Having Dinner with Last Week"


Lawrence O'Donnell states,

This is the day when every apologist for Kanye West, everyone who blames his medication, everyone who blames Kanye West's claimed mental health issues which have never actually been medically documented — this is the day those people are out of apologies for Kanye West. No more pleas for sympathy for mental health issues that have never been medically documented publicly by anyone. No medical records, no physicians, no one who has treated him has ever spoken publicly about these conditions. If you believe he has mental health conditions, you believe Kanye West. That's who has told you that he has mental health conditions, and these mental health conditions that he claims under no circumstances cause antisemitism.

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