Monday, October 31, 2022

Seeing GOP Response to Assault on Pelosi's Husband, Charlie Pierce Gives Up

PRRI, Challenges in Moving Toward a More Inclusive Democracy: Findings from the 2022 American Values Survey

Charles Pierce writes

"Paul Pelosi gets attacked with a hammer during a home invasion and as a temporary proxy for his wife, who is the second in line for the presidency. We had Republican influencers babbling about gay trysts gone wrong, and idiot candidates trying to link the attack to their current bogus spin about a national crime wave. And this is the reaction, on national teevee, of the national chairwoman of the Republican Party. From the Washington Post:

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, said Sunday it was 'unfair' for Democrats to link Republicans’ inflammatory rhetoric toward their political opponents to the attack on Paul Pelosi. 'I think this is a deranged individual,' McDaniel said on 'Fox News Sunday.' 'You can’t say people saying, "let’s fire Pelosi" or "let’s take back the House" is saying "go do violence." It’s just unfair. And I think we all need to recognize violence is up across the board.'

McDaniel cited an attack in July against New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin at a campaign event, and falsely claimed that President Biden 'didn’t talk about the assassination attempt against; Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, which Biden condemned. 'But, of course, we wish Paul Pelosi a recovery,' McDaniel added. 'We don’t like this at all across the board. We don’t want to see attacks on any politician from any political background.'

I just can’t anymore. These people are simply lost and mad. Their political party is simply lost and mad. Their political movement is simply lost and mad. Their candidates are simply lost and mad. We are on the very brink of handing the country over to the lost and the mad. The prion disease has jumped from one subject population to the general public, and in too many ways, it is creating its own reality in the national mind. We are all lost and mad."

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