Thursday, April 18, 2019

What They're Saying About Barr's Press Conference: What Checks? What Balances?! — Commentary Hot Off the Press

Michael J. Stern:

The attorney general's transparent efforts to protect President Donald Trump have done enormous damage to the department.

Zack Beauchamp:

Barr spun everything in Trump’s favor — and literally walked offstage when he was called on it.

Rush transcript of key part of Barr's remarks, essentially justifying Trump's behavior because he thought the investigation wasn't fair.

David Kurtz:

Count 'em: 4 times — in Attorney General William Barr's prepared remarks, he emphasized that there was “no collusion” four separate times.

Barr just made a fairly lengthy argument that anything Trump might have done to obstruct Mueller's investigation was OK because he knew that he hadn't committed any "collusion."

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