Friday, February 1, 2019

Video Captures White Young Women Mocking Native People in New Mexico: People Make Connection to Covington Catholic "Pro-Life" MAGA Boys

"It's obviously apparent that the behavior of the Covington MAGA boys created a trend where young people — especially privileged, non-Native [young people] — think it's OK to publicly humiliate Native people," SwiftBird's wife, Vandee Khalsa-SwiftBird, said in an interview. "Its nothing new; it’s just that it's being caught on camera now."

But keep in mind as you watch this video that, according to half of woke Catholic Twitter, it was the Covington Catholic pro-life MAGA boys who were the victims and martyrs in that sordid story, not native American elder Nathan Phillips.

I'm so ashamed of many "liberal" Catholics with their strong, predictable penchant for identifying with white privilege and their tiny, tiny sympathy for those on the margins of society. "Solidarity" is simply not a word that means much of anything in the white U.S. Catholic vocabulary — and this fact is reflected royally in the "liberal" Catholic media in the U.S.

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