Monday, December 3, 2018

Headlines Keep Pouring Forth: "Pope Francis Goes Full Homophobic"; "Pope Tells Gay Clergy to Quit" — Some Mercy. Some Hope. Some Welcome!

Newshub (New Zealand)

And the headlines just keep pouring out around the world: "Pope Francis goes full homophobic"; "Pope Francis doesn’t want homosexuals to join the priesthood"; "The Catholic Church is still homophobic"; "Pope Francis says gay life has become 'fashionable' and is hurting the Catholic Church"; "Pope tells gay clergy to quit"; "Gay people not welcome in clergy."

How does a religious community claiming to walk in the footsteps of Jesus manage to convince people of its redemptive, loving, welcoming embrace of the part of the human community God has made queer, when it behaves this way — in the person of its top spokesperson? Perhaps it's time now for those groups inside the Catholic church who keep trying to spin the church as showing a different face to LGBTQ folks to start listening to the many of us who have been really harmed by the deeply entrenched homophobia in the church, to give a real hearing to our testimony, to provide a place for us to make our voices heard in those groups. 

Otherwise, let the cynical, malicious games that help nobody at all continue.

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