Friday, October 12, 2018

Me, Talking Back to National Catholic Reporter and Michael Sean Winters re: Resignation of Donald Wuerl







NCR has desperately needed some new voices for thirty years now — the voices of more women, more openly queer Catholics, more Catholics living on the margins of society and the church, more non-white Catholics. And not as frills and furbelows, but as "real" voices given authority equal to those of the white males of the Catholic journalistic enterprise….

The refusal of NCR to see this critical need, even now, even after six in ten white Catholics placed the moral monstrosity in the White House, tells us a great deal about how the lay intellectual leaders of the U.S. Catholic church in its academic and journalistic spheres are a big part of the problem and not of the solution, if the U.S. Catholic church is going to negotiate the crisis to which the lack of pastoral and moral leadership of its bishops and, yes, its lay intellectuals, has led it.

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