Friday, June 15, 2018

We Are Church Ireland to Pope Francis: Would Jesus Define People as Objectively Disordered or Intrinsically Evil?

As Sarasi pointed out in a comment here several days ago, We Are Church Ireland now has a petition online at with the following intent:

Pope Francis has said about gay people 
"Who am I to judge?" 
But the Catholic Catechism still refers to LGBTQI as "objectively disordered."
Would Jesus use these words?
Pope Francis is to visit Ireland 25-26 August 2018 and we are calling on him to change church LGBTQI language.

The petition is directed to the papal nuncio to Ireland Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo and the archbishop of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, with the intent that it be presented to the Vatican. 

As Patsy McGarry wrote last week in the Irish Times

The group [i.e., We Are Church] said the use of "words like 'objectively disordered' and 'intrinsically evil' to describe any human being is wrong but for an institution like the Catholic Church to teach that these words are an expression of the mind of God to describe her image in LGBTQI persons is not alone scandalous but blasphemous". 
The petition was launched by Ursula Halligan of WAC Ireland, Senator David Norris and Pádraig Ó Tuama of the Corrymeela Community. 
Brendan Butler, the group's spokesman, said it was encouraging "every Catholic who continues to be enraged by this Vatican unchristian language to sign the petition demanding the withdrawal of this offensive language to describe our LGBTQI sisters and brothers".

Nothing I see in the information provided about the petition at its site suggests that it's inviting only Irish Catholics to sign. I myself received an email notice about it last week from someone connected to the petition and was happy to sign — and I invite readers of this blog to consider doing so.

The photograph is from the petition page linked at the head of the posting.

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