Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quote for Day: Michael Gerson on Selective Biblical Inerrancy of Christian Republicans

Evangelicals insist on the centrality and inerrancy of scripture and condemn society for refusing to follow biblical norms — and yet, when it comes to verse after verse requiring care for the stranger, they don't merely ignore this mandate; they oppose it. 
This represents the failure of Christian political leadership — not only from the speaker  [of the House Paul Ryan]* but from most other elected religious conservatives, too. Even more, it indicates the failure of the Christian church in the moral formation of its members, who remain largely untutored in the most important teachings of their own faith.

*Gerson critiques Ryan's recent performance at the recent National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, where he was totally mum about the Trump administration's attack on those seeking refuge in the U.S., while he decried "moral relativism."

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