Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Austin Serial Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, a Quiet Home-Schooled White Evangelical Boy from a "Loving" and "Good Family"

Here's a photo of the family of Austin, Texas, serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt, from Instagram by way of this Daily Mail article.* "Just a 'neighborhood kid' from a good family," a neighbor states. Neighbors also indicate (the last link to a Houston Chronicle article by Keri Blakinger, Samantha Ketterer, and Alejandra Matos is again my source for this information) that the family hosted "large religious gatherings" at its home on Sundays, in the house in which it home-schooled all its children:

The"very conservative" and "loving" family didn't want their children to see "the bad stuff in society," said one man who worked with Conditt's father and spent time at their home. 
"It was a very 'us versus them' type of household," he said. "I'm guessing that was a catalyst that led Mark to believe what he thought."

In a 2012 statement online at a blog site, which he posted as part of his course requirements for a course he was taking (after finishing his home-schooling) at a local community college, he stated that he was a conservative who favored the death penalty for "criminals," opposed same-sex marriage and found homosexuality "just not natural," and was opposed to abortion. According to Dr. Eugene Gu, Conditt posted online at Reditt with the username Austin bomber: Gu states, 

Just a quiet home-schooled white evangelical boy from a good white evangelical family:

A nice quiet home-schooled white evangelical boy from a good white evangelical family, whom people now want to define as a terrorist, as they call for us to rethink how we understand terrorism in America and how we define terrorists:

But a good white evangelical Christian family can't possibly be the breeding ground of terrorism, can it? Why, white evangelical Christians are the backbone of support for the current U.S. president — and he's opposed to terrorism, isn't he? In fact, the more we hear about his Stormy Daniels connection and the payoff made to try to silence her, the more staunchly white evangelicals support the man in the White House and speak of him as "Cyrus-anointed" and placed in office by God:

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

*Daily Mail is not a site I usually like to circulate, but I have not found this photo — which has been tweeted with links to the Daily Mail article — in other articles up to now.

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