Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Short (Mostly) and Sweet (Sometimes) Takes on Today's News: "'A Culture Broken by Brutally Powerful Men' Is an Eloquent and Precise Diagnosis of Our Current Context"

I've culled these tasty tidbits from my reading of the news online today, and am offering them to you as amuses-gueules in the hope that you may be tempted to click and read some of the links:

White people are responsible for what happened to black people and we are complicit if we don't do something to try to heal that.

[T]he racial stink swirling about this president doesn’t begin or end at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fred Clark citing Oprah Winfrey, "On the horizon":

"A culture broken by brutally powerful men" is an eloquent and precise diagnosis of our current context, and of our perennial context.

Pro-life groups held a behind-closed-doors meeting with VP Mike Pence shortly before the bipartisan compromise deal to patch up Obamacare went down in flames.

Amedia says God told him to start POTUS Shield in the hours after Trump's election victory. The name not only refers to President of the United States, Amedia has said, but also to the Prophetic Order of the United States that God is using the group to bring to fruition.   

The final victory of movement conservatism would be a return to Gilded Age economics tied to a rebooted Confederate States of America.

Robert Reich, "Seriously, How Dumb Is Trump?": 

He conned 62,979,879 Americans to vote for him in November 2016 by getting them to believe his lies about Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the "wonderful," "beautiful" things he’d do for the people who'd support him.

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