Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Correction to Last Posting: Religious Freedom Rally in Little Rock Is 9 June — And Also a Question for Bilgrimage Readers

Yikes! Mary Jo O'Grady sent me a message to tell me that I had typed 9 July in yesterday's posting, as the date of the upcoming rally in Little Rock in support of religious liberty and Judge Wendell Griffen. The correct date is 9 June.

I'm very sorry for the mistake and want to correct it immediately — and am grateful to Mary for letting me know about this. Fortunately, the title of my posting did give the date correctly as 9 June, and the graphic I shared with the posting also gave that date. I am truly sorry for the confusion caused by my giving the wrong date in the body of the posting.

I also have a favor to ask anyone who is subscribed to this blog and receiving updates when I post here. If you are a subscriber, would you mind please letting me know either via a comment here or by email if you are regularly receiving updates when I post? I'm trying to figure out with the assistance of someone at Google if something has gone wrong in the past several months with the RSS feed, causing the blog not to link to Google. A message I got from Google this past week seems to indicate such a problem — and I had been noticing it, I thought, too.

Thank you for assisting me with this, anyone who is able.

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