Wednesday, March 22, 2017

America Magazine Features Confession of "Porn-Addicted" Priest: In Era of Donald Trump, Diversionary Moral Analysis

Among many disappointing aspects of the papacy of Francis: the stepped-up clericalism.

We're really supposed to be riveted by a confession of a priest in America Magazine that he suffers from a (non-existent) addiction to porn?

As if priests are the center of the church, live lives more engrossing and larger than the lives of the rest of us, and the church is some kind of reality-show theater in which the rest of us are sitting and watching in fascination as those larger than life lives play out on a grand stage?

America really wants us to be concerned about a priest's so-called addiction to porn, in the era of Donald Trump?

Talk about diversionary moral analysis!

If I read an article by an anonymous priest confessing his addiction to white entitlement and racism, to Republican ideology dismissing the poor as parasites: then I might sit up and take notice.

But a priest confessing he's addicted to pornography in the era of Donald Trump? Not. moral. news.

In fact, this confession is in its own way a form of masturbation.

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