Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cardinal Dolan Blesses Pharoah on Behalf of the U.S. Catholic Hierarchy: Not in My Name

Once again: No more. Not in my name any longer.

Pharaoh always finds court prophets and court preachers willing to prostrate themselves before him, court priests and court theologians willing to bless him and write apologias for him. The message of authentic prophets and of Jesus Christ runs directly counter to such idolization of raw power and such benediction of evil. 

If we want to hear the gospel proclaimed or to hear authentic prophecy, we have to turn decisively away from the court prophets, the court preachers, the court priests, and the court theologians who will always bow down before Pharaoh and his power, Pharaoh and his wealth, Pharaoh and his glittering throne. If we want to hear real prophecy and real gospel, we need to turn to people like Pastor Robin Meyers, who courageously proclaims the following to the white evangelical community in his deep-red state of Oklahoma, which voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump:

In the Jesus spirit of the open table and unbridled compassion for the last and the least, deeply religious Oklahomans joined the majority of Americans in electing a man who mocked a disabled reporter; insulted women for menstruating; invited a foreign power to interfere in our elections; bragged about paying no taxes after losing other people’s money; refused to release his tax returns (which would have revealed how little money he gives to charity); and insulted Mexican immigrants, John McCain and Carly Fiorina — the latter for having a face no one would vote for. 
He blamed Bush for 9/11, made lewd remarks about his own daughter and regularly encouraged violence at his political rallies. If the Middle-Eastern Jesus himself came knocking, Trump would deport him. Who could blame the Prince of Peace for saying, "With friends like this, who needs enemies?"
This is the unmasking of evangelical religion in America. It is not, in the end, about character or virtue. It is not about what love does to transform the human heart. It is about power, it is about fear, and Donald Trump tapped into widespread economic frustration and a smoldering rage about the displacement of the working class, especially less-educated white workers. They believe that Trump is the strongman who can save them. He is the first president ever elected who has never held office or served in the military and does not seem to understand why nuclear weapons cannot be used. 
He doesn't go to church; he mocks communion by saying that he "eats those little crackers and drinks those little cups of juice," and then he boasts about his sexual conquests and calls his opponent a "nasty woman." We almost elected the first woman president of the United States. We almost sent that unforgettable message to women and girls everywhere. Instead, we elected a sociopath and think he is an answer to prayer. 
God help us.

Cardinal Dolan blesses Pharaoh on behalf of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy.

Pastor Meyers proclaims the gospel.

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