Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Footnote to Commentary on Bishop Vincent Long's Ann D. Clark Lecture: Link Is Now Back Up

A footnote to what I posted yesterday about the disappearing link to Bishop Vincent Long's Ann D. Clark lecture, which had been uploaded to the website of his diocesan newspaper, Catholic Outlook, on 19 August, and then vanished from that website after the lecture began to be discussed and circulated online on 20 August:

Today, when I click the link, I find it back up.

This is interesting, is it not?

(And just as I prepare to post this, I notice that Mark William has reported in a comment on yesterday's posting that the link to Bishop Long's lecture is now back up. Mark says that, though he has not checked the current version word-for-word against the previous copy, the two texts appear to be the same. I did check the excerpt I provided you yesterday against the current text, and they are the same. 

New Ways Ministry's Bondings 2.0 blog did also blog about this lecture yesterday, linking to the cached version of the text that was the only one available online [at least, insofar as I have found] at the time the Bondings posting was published.)

Later: 28 August 7:38 A.M., CST (USA): and now the text has disappeared from the Catholic Outlook website yet again — see my commentary about this on 28 August.

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