Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pew Results Released Yesterday: Half of White Catholics in U.S. Support Donald Trump — The Egregious Failure of Moral and Pastoral Leadership of U.S. Bishops

Like religious ‘nones,’ black Protestants strongly favor Clinton

Have a look at the table above, which represents findings released by Pew Research Center yesterday, reporting on a poll Pew did in mid-June. The line to which I want to draw your attention:

Fifty-percent of white Catholics are reporting to pollsters that they support Donald Trump.

If that's not a stunning indictment of the moral and pastoral leadership (or, more precisely, the lack thereof) of the U.S. Catholic bishops at this point in American history, then I don't know what it is.

(These percentages represent those who are willing to tell a pollster that they are Trump supporters. I'm pretty strongly inclined to think that the Bradley effect is going to play a major role in this election cycle, and that not all Trump supporters — by any means — are out and proud about the man for whom they're going to vote in the privacy of the voting booth. I suspect that may be even more the case with some Catholic voters in parts of the country where support for Donald Trump may be regarded as embarrassing.)

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