Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Just Dyin' to Punch Sump'n Different": Trae Crowder on Anti-Trans Hysteria Gripping Southern Evangelical Culture Now

Well, it's Sunday, and why not? Why not a bit of fun (mixed with NSFW language) on Sunday?

I'm rather inclined to think God enjoys fun, not to mention NSFW language — which is right there in the bible, after all, if you choose to look for it. My apologies to those who might find this video and its raw rhetoric shocking. I think it's very good commentary from inside the redneck experience (Trae Crowder is a Tennessee native who calls himself a liberal redneck at his Facebook page, where he shared this video several days ago).

It has now gone viral, and deservedly so. If you like it, you may want to click the link to his Facebook page and click the "next" button above the video, to hear his equally scintillating (and equally raw) commentary on Tennessee's new law making the bible the Tennessee state book.

A good Sunday to all of you.

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