Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Raymond Arroyo of EWTN on "Amazing" Catholic Vote for Trump

Another dropping from the Catholic birdcage today (so many droppings, so little time!): Raymond Arroyo of Eternal Word Television Network tweeting last evening about how "amazing" it is that 50% of Catholics voting in Florida yesterday (presumably Republican-voting Catholics) cast their votes for Donald Trump, while a comparable number of evangelicals (presumably white ones) did the same:

There seems to be at least strong anecdotal evidence, backed by some polling data, that (white) Catholics are voting for Donald Trump in robust numbers in various places in the U.S. this primary season. Why are the mainstream media not talking about this, I wonder?

And about what a colossal indictment it is of the failed pastoral leadership of the U.S. Catholic bishops and of the lay academic and journalistic leaders of the U.S. Catholic church . . . .

(I'm grateful to David James for pointing to Arroyo's tweet at the thread at NCR today discussing Michael Sean Winters's article about how the presidential nomination process is now all over but the shouting.)

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