Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Opening Doors or Closing Them? Anthea Butler Comments on Pope Francis and Donald Trump

On the eve of Pope Francis' opening the Holy Doors of St. Peter's for the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Donald Trump announced that if elected president, he would close the borders to Muslims entering into the United States because of terrorist activity. 
While Pope Francis and Donald Trump are by no means comparable figures, the symbolism of open and shut doors and borders is an apt analogy for the predicament the world finds itself in during this holiday season. In America, we find ourselves in the throes of fearmongering and hatred by a presidential candidate who claims to be a practicing Christian. 
Will our nation choose a demagogue who wants to shut doors to Muslims, or will we rise out of our slumber to vociferously repel the hatred that has poisoned America this year?

The cartoon is by Pat Marrin at National Catholic Reporter. If you click it, it will enlarge.

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