Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Sharing Our Lives as Theology 2": Another Videotaped Conversation Between Ivone Gebara and Me, on the Papal Encylical Laudato Si'

At Easter time this year, I shared with all of you a video that came to us as an Easter gift from two amazing readers of Bilgrimage, Rachel Fitzgerald and Mark Shumway. As I noted when I shared this video, Rachel and Mark maintain the evolvingdeepforms blog to which this blog links.  

The Easter video produced by Rachel and Mark captured a theological conversation between the distinguished Brazilian theologian Ivone Gebara and me. It was entitled "Sharing Our Life as Theology." Rachel and Mark have now produced a second video in this series, from a theological conversation Ivone and I had (with Rachel and Mark hosting it, and with the invaluable assistance of and many contributions by Christopher Shumway, Marlene Denardo, and Margaret O'Rourke) on 18 July.

This second videotaped conversation focuses on the papal encyclical Laudato Si', and is entitled "Sharing Our Lives as Theology 2." The Internet was not our friend as we Skyped in July. It kept losing the connection to Ivone, and so you'll (unfortunately!) see many shots of me talking, with still footage of Ivone listening — though we actually had a much more interactive conversation for much of the time, when the Internet complied. 

How Mark (who did the laborious technical work of editing the footage) has managed to cut, splice, and produce something so wonderful, given the frustrating technical problems we had carrying on the conversation, is amazing to me. Well, a wonderful video, though he had me to work with, and I am, Lord knows, hardly scintillating to watch and hear — in great contrast to Ivone Gebara, to whom I would willingly listen all day long.

I hope this will be of interest to all of you. Rachel and Mark were particularly interested in hosting this videotaped theological conversation as the papal visit to the U.S. nears.

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