Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quote for Day: Pope Francis's Vision of Equality Will Remain Incomplete Until he Recognizes Women as Equally and Intrinsically Valuable

While he advocates for South America’s impoverished and disenfranchised, its prisoners, its indigenous peoples and its children, one group is unlikely to feature in Francis’ apparently radical agenda: its women. 
Despite his efforts to champion his constituency—the world’s poor, of which the vast majority are women—the pope tends to overlook the feminized nature of poverty and inequality.

Davis concludes that the pope's vision of equality will remain incomplete until he "as equally and intrinsically valuable, regardless of their familial role or fertility." 

She's correct about that. Francis's eloquent argument for a new relational approach to the environment to address the planet's environmental crisis will remain radically incomplete, too, until he and other top pastoral leaders of the Catholic church begin to include the voices of women in the governing structures of the church and begin to treat women as equal to men.

The photo of Roisin Davis is from her biography page at Truthdig, and is by Tao Ruspoli.

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