Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God Said, "Whenever the Rainbow Appears in the Clouds, I Will See It and Remember the Everlasting Covenant Between God and All Living Creatures of Every Kind on the Earth" (Genesis 9:16)

I imagine that many of you will have seen photos of rainbows over Dublin as the equality referendum passed last Saturday. They've been everywhere on social media in the past few days. I've read suggestions that the photos are doctored, but this Weather Network report on the rainbows, which is the source of the video above, reports that rainbows (including a double rainbow) actually did form above Dublin and in other parts of Ireland as news of the referendum's passing became public. 

As the report indicates, many of the photos were snapped by people who placed them on social media sites, where they were widely shared. And as is obvious when one looks at the rainbow photos in this article, some of them were taken not in Dublin but in the Irish countryside on Saturday.

Since we in the U.S. live in a culture in which the Oxford-educated Catholic governor of the state of Louisiana is capable of staging a "prayerpalooza" in which people claim that toleration of gay folks is causing tornadoes and other weather disasters, I think we might well be excused if we smile a bit as we look at these stunning photos of rainbows breaking out over Ireland when news that the Irish people voted for equality for LGBT citizens was announced.


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