Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Christian" Hate Mail and Power of Authoritarian Religion to Produce Doublethink: Valerie Tarico on New Book by Military Religious Freedom Foundation Founders

As Valerie Tarico reports, Bonnie Weinstein has now published a book sharing with the world the hate mail she and husband Mikey Weinstein have received as founders of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which seeks to defend the religious freedom of every kind of believer (or of those who opt out of religious belief), and not just evangelical Christians. The book is entitled To the Far Right Christian Hater: You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, but You Can't Be Both.

A sample of what the Weinsteins have endured from followers of Jesus Christ:

Christ will slay Mikey Weinstein with The Sword of Righteousness. Your serpant husband will be cut down by Jesus and mutilated for his evil doings. Then him and they all will be cast wiggling and screaming into the Lake of Fire to burn for all time. See John 3:36 and Revelations 20:14. You still have time Bonnie and so do your kids. This is 'Truth' mail from those Christians who love you so much and your kids and grandkids too.

Followed by, 

This is not "hate mail" Bonnie Weinstein. Do not dare to call it that! This is LOVE mail. We are showing truest Christian love.

Tarico observes,

Religion that is based on authoritarian hierarchies and sacred texts has tremendous power to produce doublethink, to translate love into hate and to redirect the human moral impulse into words and actions that are patently evil. Parents who kick out their queer children think they are doing a good thing. Jihadis who murder cartoonists do so convinced that their actions are righteous, as do ordinary fundamentalist Muslims who throw acid on women, as do ordinary fundamentalist Christians who pray for the death and dismemberment of their enemies. 

I think she's right. What do you think? 

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