Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jamie Manson on Catholic Church's Complicity in Glyzelle Palomar's Suffering: Why the Negative Responses to This Article?

At National Catholic Reporter, Jamie Manson writes

Pope Francis has been highly touted for his criticism of institutional evils that create poverty. But there is something disturbing about a church leadership that rails against poverty and institutional sin while rigidly defending church teachings that are clearly exacerbating the conditions of the poorest. 
Many continue to express joy at Pope Francis' acts of humility and passion for the poor. But our zeal for this pontificate should not blind us to the connections between Roman Catholic doctrine and the suffering of the poor globally.

And I'm fascinated by the response of some ostensibly liberal Catholics to these patently clear, patently true observations by Jamie Manson. In the thread responding to her commentary, I'm fascinated by the negative responses of some Catholics who claim in general to be on her side about issues like contraception, but who are lambasting her for "using" Glyzelle Palomar in her commentary. What's that attack all about, I wonder?

What fault lines does this critique of Jamie Manson's work show in the Catholic community — especially among Catholics all of whom claim to be "liberal" and critical of papal teaching on contraception? What's going on here?

What do all of you think?

The photo of Jamie Manson is from her biographical page at NCR.

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