Monday, March 31, 2014

Bishop Gene Robinson to Christians Who Feel They're Victims of the Gays: Here's What Victimization Looks Like

Gene Robinson to Christians who claim the gays have victimized them:

Here’s what victimization looks like: every day, especially in some places, LGBT people face the real possibility of violence because of their orientation or gender identity. Young people jump off bridges or hang themselves on playground swing sets because of the bullying and discrimination they face. In 29 states, one can be fired from one’s job simply for being gay, with no recourse to the courts. In most places, we cannot legally marry the one we love. Some of us have been kicked out of the house when we come out to our parents, and many young LGBT people find themselves homeless and on the streets because of the attitudes of their religious parents toward their LGBT children. And did I mention the everyday threat of violence? 
Compare that to the very painful realization that one’s view of something like homosexuality is in the minority after countless centuries of being in the majority. 

The photo of Bishop Gene Robinson is by Weiquin Bao courtesy of Morehouse Publishing.

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