Thursday, August 23, 2012

Resources for Abuse Discussion: Widening the Frame

Two valuable resources I've been pondering lately, which (to my mind) move the conversation about sexual abuse by trusted religious figures forward forward by issuing salient reminders that this kind of abuse occurs in many religious settings:

First, Buddhist Channel reports on the efforts of a number of activists, including someone whom I very much admire, Rev. Kobutsu Malone, to bring to light abuse that these activists claim has occurred within the leadership structures of the Zen Studies Society of New York.  

And second, at Vimeo, James Moran interviews three people who have experienced sexual abuse in very different contexts, and probes the effects of that abuse on their lives.

These are educational resources that I value because they help me as a Catholic whose attention is largely caught by the abuse crisis within my own church to sketch in the larger backdrop against which abuse occurs in our society and in many of our powerful institutions.  And in which it is often taken for granted, while it shatters human psyches and human lives.

The graphic is from the Milcea website.

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