Monday, October 10, 2011

Father Pavone Ally Mark Crutcher Worries about Snakes in Texas

Mark Crutcher, friend and ally of Father Frank Pavone (and a member of the board of Priests for Life and a recipient of money from that group),  is worried about the snakes Pavone may encounter at the Franciscan community outside Amarillo where Pavone is now staying.  The Franciscan nuns' home is, according to Crutcher, a place of "isolation," "desolation," "almost at the end of the world."

Sort of like, one assumes, the desert into which Jesus retreated at the beginning of his ministry to fast, pray, and discern.  Sort of like the desert into which Luke's gospel tells us Jesus kept retreating throughout his ministry, to fast, pray, and discern . . . .

Though the nuns providing a home and care for Father Pavone say his "desolate" retreat accomodations include the internet, television, access to meals they prepare for him and other guests anytime he wants them . . . . We should all have it so hard.

Crutcher is particularly worried about the snakes Father Pavone may encounter in his retreat location.  Crutcher reports, "There are so many snakes out there, every room has a shovel" [i.e., to kill intruding snakes].

I have news for Mr. Crutcher.  There are more snakes in the world by far than those found in the Texas panhandle.  And some of them are meaner and more poisonous than any rattlesnake to be found anywhere in the world.

For background re: Mark Crutcher and his political activities, see this Media Matters report on him

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