Monday, January 10, 2011

Cindy Jacobs Explains It All for Us: DADT Repealed, Birds Fall from the Sky

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times blog notes (citing Right-Wing Watch) that right-wing Christian nutcase homophobe evangelist Cindy Jacobs explains it all for us: Jacobs explains why birds fell from the sky on New Year's eve in Beebe, Arkansas, that is.

It goes like this: the birds fell on the town of Beebe.  And Arkansas's current governor is named Beebe, don't you see!  And a previous Arkansas governor who became a U.S. president, Bill Clinton, brought us don't ask, don't tell.

Which in some way that escapes rational (if not theological) analysis opened the door for the recent repeal of DADT.  Which is a violation of God's laws for nature.  Which therefore results in blackbirds falling on the (heavily Republican) town of Beebe, Arkansas.  Which is in the Church of Christ belt of the state, a staunchly conservative part of the state that tends to oppose any overtures to gay rights.  (And which is in the same county as Harding University, a Church of Christ-sponsored school attended by Kenneth Starr, the right-wing tool attorney who hounded President Clinton for a number of years, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars as he tried to find a basis to impeach the president.)

And let's not forget that drum fish also died in Arkansas not long before the blackbirds fell, so God must also be giving us some kind of semantic sign there, too--a drumroll for holiness, perhaps?  And what remains to be explained is why the birds didn't fall over Clinton, Arkansas, since that would make the connection to the former president and DADT even more obvious.

Wouldn't it?

Well, watch for yourself and see if you can understand this batch of lunatic reasoning theological argumentation about why we can expect nature to rebel if we grant any concession at all to the humanity of gay and lesbian human beings:

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