Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Obama Promises Return to Normal for Gulf: Too Little, Too Late

Mr. Obama has told residents of the Gulf region that things will return to normal for them.

But that's simply not true.  Irreversible damage has now been done and continues to occur on a daily basis.

Through all the discussions of the president's perceived inability to access and display strong emotions like anger in the face of injustice, I've held my tongue.  Even when the supposedly dispassionate thinker-president chose an easy target on one of his recent trips to California--gay citizens asking him to honor his promises to the gay community--and showed that he's capable of ripping into an opponent under some circumstances, at least.

Again.  He has done this before, when it comes to gay protesters.  One has to wonder what kind of signal his pragmatist-centrist strategists think they're encouraging him to give about his machismo and strength by beating up on citizens who are simply asking for their rights.

Sadly, I don't believe the president now that he claims to be getting tough with BP.  I don't believe him because he has done everything in his power, from day one of his presidency, to appease the very folks who have made this spill and its horrendous, ongoing damage possible.

I voted for Mr. Obama and had high hopes for him.  Those hopes have been dashed.  I no longer hear the president's promises of progressive change with anything but jaded ears.