Friday, December 4, 2009

Bearing Witness: Who Points the Way to a Humane Future?

Bearing witness: when all the smoke clears and historians (and people of faith) write the history of this era, who will be seen as a prophetic witness to authentic moral values at this point in history, I wonder:

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.


Diane Savino?

Which of these two is moving the human race forward in its quest to become more fully human? Which of the two deserves to be remembered, celebrated in history books, held up to our children as an example of a decent, kind, morally trustworthy individual?

And which of the two has the support of the Catholic bishops, who tell us that they are all about bearing witness to Christian values?

It’s clear to me where I stand, with which of these people I intend to cast my lot—precisely because I care intently about finding reliable moral guides to follow as I make my way through life. It’s also clear to me with whom the Vatican and bishops have cast their lot—just as it is clear to me that, in making the decisions they have made in this significant moral debate, they are debasing the coinage of Catholic moral discourse even more than they have already done by their behavior in the abuse crisis.

Even as they claim, astonishingly, to have the moral high road in their cynical diversionary attack on their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

P.S. I want to acknowledge the outstanding statement that Fran Rossi Szpylczyn made yesterday about Diane Savino's senate speech on her There Will Be Bread blog. I hope I'm not misrepresenting Fran by saying that I hear her making a very similar point in her statement about Savino, a point she makes very powerfully.