Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Notice to Readers re: Ads on Bilgrimage Blog

I just logged in to see that an ad for Stand for Marriage Maine (the group seeking to remove the right of marriage from gay citizens of Maine) is running on the blog.

I've issued a statement before about Google-sponsored ads on this blog. I'd like to do so again.

I don't have any methods of controlling ads that appear on this site--not any methods about which I'm well-informed, I should say. I do seem to have the option to enter the url of a site to block its ads, when it appears on the site. At least, I think I have that option, and when I notice a particularly unsavory ad on the site, I do put the url of that group into the blocked ads lists.

I've just done so with this ad. I hope that this will trigger a response from Google, which hosts this blog, and that the ad will be removed. It's astonishing to me that an ad whose intent runs so directly counter to everything for which this site stands should end up on the site.

Meanwhile, I apologize to readers who have to put up with this trip on my blog. It perturbs me very much to find that ad on the site as the day ends.

No on 1, the group that has been working admirably well to defend the right to marriage in Maine, and which deserves our support and assistance, is here.