Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Reader Writes: You Call That a Christian Response to Health Care?

The silence of many Christians as health care reform is relentlessly attacked is a testament to where we've ended up after several decades of adroit media manipulation of our minds by the right-wing noise machine serving the interests of rapacious economic elites. Those elites set out some decades ago very systematically to blunt the powerful social witness of Christian churches, and they found that the best possible way to do that was to divide the churches over issues of sexuality, while shifting attention away from other compelling moral issues such as health care, war and peace, and economic justice.

Sadly, those groups have been wildly successful. The Christian voices that do now speak out in the health care debate are frequently arguing against the core moral imperative of universal coverage for all citizens, and seeking to silence the voices of their own brothers and sisters who point out that access to health care for all is a moral imperative for those of us who live by the gospels.