Monday, March 23, 2009

Note to Readers: Blog Formatting Glitches

Dear Friends,

As you'll see from the post I just uploaded entitled "Benedict, Bush, and Condoms in Africa: The Rest of the Story," I've had to make a formatting change in the postings on this blog.

Yesterday, when I tried numerous times to upload and publish that post, I encountered problems I have never encountered before with this blog. Something seems to have shifted somewhere in settings, which causes any links I try to embed in to the text to go haywire.

Entire sections of text disappear, and the formatting of the links is also messed up.

As I try to work to resolve this problem, which seems to have appeared sometime between my posting on Saturday entitled "The Curious Misplacing of Priests and Deacons: A Case in Connecticut," and Sunday morning, I will continue using the footnoting format of my posting earlier today, for all links.

I haven't found the problem I am experiencing is affecting other bloggers who use blogspot. It seems unique to me. Since I have made no changes to my operating system or my program files, and have not changed any settings on this blog, it's mysterious to me that it has suddenly appeared.

If any techie folks are reading this blog, I'd appreciate tips to solve the problem. I have sent a message about it to Google's help group for blogspot. I appreciate readers' patience as I tinker with the blog and try to solve the problem