Friday, October 3, 2008

And Speaking of What Leadership Is (Not)

And speaking of leadership and what it is or is not, a reminder of my posting earlier this week on the chicanery of those who are travesties of good leaders (

In that posting, I provided a checklist of maneuvers demonstrably poor leaders use to try to disguise their lack of substance and knowledge. My checklist begins with the following two points:

1. When the going gets rough, change the subject. When you’re questioned about the real problem, invent another one and respond to that question, rather than to the one you’ve been asked.

2. Simply ignore questions. Create a shield around yourself when you’re asked to answer questions. Characterize those asking questions as disrespectful. Make yourself inaccessible. Speak through mouthpieces.

Anybody see last night's debate? I'm just saying.

It's not really too hard to distinguish capable leaders from those who have nary a clue. Is it? I'm just asking.