Thursday, February 9, 2017

William J. Barber on Silencing of Coretta Scott King As Act of Systemic Racism: "We Will Cry Out. We Will Not Stand Down."

Senator Warren knows as well as Mrs. King did that Jeff Sessions can smile and be cordial. But his whole political career has been about defending systemic racism. This fact cannot be silenced in our public discourse. 
Racial inequality persists in America not because of men in white robes but because of the policies supported by men like Jeff Sessions. Gutting public education in the name of "choice" is systemic racism and has been since Brown v. Board of Education. Using dog whistles to attack so-called "entitlement" programs, which actually serve more white people than black or brown people, is systemic racism. Promoting "law and order" policies that target poor black and brown people for mass incarceration is systemic racism. Talking about voter fraud and crime-ridden communities while plotting voter suppression is systemic racism. 
If Senate rules allow this truth to be shut down then the Senate rules are wrong. While many extremist leaders continue to try to hide the truth of their embrace of systemic racism, we as moral activists will not be silenced. We are called to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. We will show up. We will sit in. We will cry out. We will not stand down. Those politicians who believe in a moral agenda for this nation must do the same.

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