Thursday, February 23, 2017

Teen Suicides Diminish as Marriage Equality Is Enacted: Pro-Life Catholic Response?

Bob Shine of News Ways Ministry comments on a recent report in JAMA Pediatrics, the pediatric journal of the American Medical Association, showing that suicide attempts by teens have declined as marriage equality for same-sex couples has been legalized: 

The U.S. bishops promote pro-life activities, but most often limit these to abortion. Many Catholics question bishops' real commitment to social justice. But if the bishops are indeed pro-life, then why have they shown so little regard for the lives of LGBT people? If this latest research, which shows how much good legal equality can have on the lives of LGBT youth, does not move their hearts to end campaigns against LGBT rights, then their pro-life admonitions will ring empty.

It is impossible to call oneself "pro-life" — if one expects to be credible in making that proclamation — when one does not cherish and defend the lives of LGBTQ human beings. It's impossible to say that one is an advocate for human rights and social justice when one does not defend the rights of LGBTQ human beings.

What Bob Shine says here applies not just to the bishops of the Catholic church: it applies to Pope Francis as well.

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