Monday, September 26, 2016

Trouble with Logging In to Disqus and Commenting? Some Pointers

I've posted about this issue in the past, but since I have heard from a number of people lately who are having problems accessing their Disqus account and leaving comments here, I thought I'd address that issue in a posting today — and point you to some resources that may help you.

When I've contacted Disqus about these problems in the past, they have offered several suggestions:

1. Some browsers work better with Disqus than others, apparently, so you may consider switching to another browser if you're having trouble logging in with the browser you're currently using.

2. Some older versions of commonly used browsers simply do not work with Disqus, they tell me, so you may need to update the version of whatever browser you are using.

3. You may need to turn on the feature that allows your browser to accept cookies in order to log into Disqus.

4. Installing new extensions in your browser sometimes interferes with your ability to access Disqus. In some of the help links below, you'll find discussion of that problem and helpful suggestions about dealing with it.

5. Some software, especially programs designed to give you anonymity as you browse online, can prevent you from logging into Disqus.

If you are having problems logging into your Disqus account and leaving comments here, the following are a number of good help pages provided by Disqus itself: 

And, finally, note that there's a help link on the Disqus homepage, which allows you to ask for individualized help — though I find that the links to the support team members at the bottom of this page do not always work for me.

If any reader is having problems logging in to Disqus and wants to contact me for assistance, I will gladly try to help — though I may have to end up referring you back to Disqus itself for assistance, if I cannot figure out your problem. I'm very sorry some of you do sometimes have problems logging in! (Sometimes simply restarting your computer, clearing your cache and cookies, works magic, as you probably already know.)

The photo of the central information desk of the New York Public Library (back when) is from the Flickr photo stream of leiris202, who has made it available for sharing online via a Creative Commons license.

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